Why you should invest in UX for your next product development

Nowadays, customers make up their minds to engage with your product or website within 15 seconds of contact, or they move to a suitable alternative. User Experience (UX) impression is the extent to which customers will be captivated to engage with your product or brand. If they find it appealing, simple and easy to use, then they will stay. Otherwise, they may leave in a jiffy without having a feel of the quality of your product.

User experience involves applying the aesthetics, and appealing features that should attract users and how they easily engage with your product. Therefore, having a good UX design is key to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are some benefits you can derive from investing in UX design for your next product development:

  • Enhanced customer acquisition efforts: With a good user experience design, you can attract and retain more customers. The more pleasant, simple and intuitive the product design, the more it can attract users and they can possibly become customers. More user engagement ultimately, will earn you better business, bring more loyal customers, and improve your bottom line.
  • Propels Return on Investment: Businesses compete for customers’ interest and having a great UX design will differentiate you among customers’ alternatives, thereby enabling you to see a return on UX design investment. Not compromising on design can result in positive impact on customer experience. According to Forrester, conversion rate of up to 400% can be gotten from a better UX design. Companies that have a UX strategy can experience a revenue growth of 32% more than those that do not; McKinsey states. A good UX product design provides users with pleasant and simple accessibility functions, to perform tasks that can increase revenue. For instance, an appropriately positioned button can propel sales.
  • Positive Impact on Customer Loyalty: Customers now expect personalized Factoring their expectations and putting them at the center of the product design can enhance relationships with customers, increase their satisfaction and loyalty. For instance, building an intuitive and beautiful application will enable more people to use it and keep using it.
  • Time and Cost Savings: A good UX will help to save time in reworking some components or modules, that do not meet customers’ expectations or require continuous enhancements, can be redesigned before they are actually developed, thereby saving the cost of resolving issues while redesigning the products prior to product launch. Additionally, it provides a medium for adequate collaboration amongst team members and easily implementing suggestions accordingly.
  • Increased productivity: Today, almost all businesses need an interface that’s cohesive enough that it can help their organization market its products and services to earn a profit. In order to develop a solution using simple yet effective user experience and design, can help to inspire employees to work with enthusiasm and gusto. A great UI/UX system can also lessen errors and promote a smoother workflow for employees. An effective tip in this regard would be using light colors and highlighting relevant content so that users can see the important information at a glance. This will help them focus on the most pertinent information without getting distracted.

Having a great UX design is crucial in facilitating user engagements and getting optimum results in your next product development that will lead to profitable outcomes.  At DIDHUB we help businesses across various industry sectors to realize their user experience initiative. We can help you realize yours. Contact us today!