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Providing solutions to pressing issues and transforming customer experience, informs everything we do. We are committed to delivering robust solutions that meet the needs of our clients.


MonieWire offers financial institutions a comprehensive platform for managing their customer transactions by facilitating interbank instant payments, online purchases and utility bill settlements, allowing member banks and utility companies to service the payment needs of customers via convenient platforms such as USSD, mobile and web…Read More

People using mobile bank for remittance of money. Man and woman with smartphones sending coins to each other. Vector illustration for cashless transactions, financial app, payment transfer concept
Finance and payment security. People using laptop, smartphones, transferring money flat vector illustration. Online payment, transaction, banking concept for banner, website design or landing web page


A secure and flexible payment gateway system appropriate for individuals, private businesses and government agencies. Individuals can easily send and receive payment with the personal pay me link feature. Private companies and government agencies have the opportunity to setup

e-commerce facility on their websites for online collections and payroll bulk payments…Read More

Danfo Pay

Danfo Pay is a cashless and flexible payment settlement solution for commuters and commercial transporters. It is built as a stored-value

account-based mobile payment service for road trip fee settlement. Vehicle owners or operators can register their vehicles on the system for the purpose of commerce, thereby enabling easier ride sharing, payment collection, vehicle routes and tax remittance tracking…Read More

Parcel App

Parcel Delivery App connects individuals, institutions and businesses with numerous courier companies and provides an effective facility for sending and tracking parcel delivery in real-time, within Nigeria. The solution provides parcel delivery forecast and accessibility on all devices…Read More

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