How custom software development can benefit your business

When considering suitable applications for your business, there is always a contemplation to go for an Off-the-shelf software or a customized one, especially when both considerations can solve your immediate need. In some situations, the cost of Off-the-shelf might be lesser and seem attractive. However, it might not fully address your immediate and future expectations leading to more significant customization spending as the business grows.

A custom software enable you to build an application from scratch to cater for necessary features that are currently needed to simplify your business while features that comes with an Off-the-shelf software might end up complicating your processes because it might not be tailored to your business accordingly.

A bespoke application solution enable your employees to be more efficient thereby enabling you to build better relationship with your customers. Before experiencing the benefits of a custom solution development, it is crucial to have a detailed plan that addresses the budget, delivery timeline and assess the choice of your development partner. This is because the development process may take some time compare to an off-the-shelf application and may require considerable investments. Benefits of bespoke applications include:

  1. Scalability: The aim of every business is to expand. Custom applications are built with reliable and scalable technologies to meet your desired growth. To swiftly adapt to market changes, meet customer dynamic demands or adapt to increasing customer capacity usually requires new functionalities which are incorporated in bespoke softwares compare to Off-the-shelf applications that are limited in functionalities.
  2. Future-Extendable Application: Bespoke applications that are built qualitatively on modern technologies, are tailored to your business processes; both current and future possible requirements which will make it to be in use for a long time.
  3. Affordability: Off-the-shelve softwares may seem to cost less at the beginning compare to bespoke applications. However, you will end up paying for recurring fees due to licensing requirements and pre-structured features that may not meet your needs whereas for custom applications you pay only for desired features, thereby helping to cut down on cost.
  4. Qualitative and swift support: Custom software vendor know that they provide fast support for their customers in order to help promote their brand. You can have an explicit Service Level Agreement with the custom software vendor to provide support and technical maintenance so that issues that may crop up are promptly resolved.
  • Data security management: Building bespoke applications from scratch allows you and the vendor to agree on high security protocols and encryptions that needs to be incorporated in the customer software to ensure your company and customer data are adequately protected. Factoring your company’s security needs into the development of the product will ensure that it is less susceptible to security exploitation.

To conclude, the benefits you will derive from a custom software are endless. Particularly, it will afford you the opportunity to have a solution that can drive innovation, reduce cost and provide long-term value to your business.  At DIDHUB we help businesses across various industry sectors to develop their custom softwares in order to realize their digital transformation initiative. We can help you realize yours. Get in touch with us today!