About Our Agency

About Us

Digitalization, Innovation and Disruptive Technology (DIDHub) is a research lab where technology solutions are proffered for the needs and problems of retail institutions, utilities, professionals, health services, and public sectors. DIDHub focuses on innovative growth drivers for banking, private and public organisations around Finance, Security, AI, IOT, Analytics, and User experience.

We innovate solutions in Data Analytics, Identity Management, Transport and Logistic, Payment and Card industry, and helping governments on various e-government initiatives.

We do this through:


Digitalization is to transform business products and services, and help them reimagine their processes for better customer experience, new revenue opportunities, and operational efficiencies.

Innovation deliver Intuitive, Inclusive, and Immersive technology; and Disruptive Technology are less expensive, more accessible, relentlessly moves upmarket, and challenging established competitors.

We do not focus only on software development, implementation, writing codes and fulling technical tasks, but we deep dive into business by contributing our expert knowledge, asking pertinent questions, and delineating ideas while gathering feedback promptly. We also help our customers to identify relevant tech stacks and infrastructures which are best aligned to their business objectives.

Our Story

We are engineers and transformation experts, working alongside with leading industry experts, technologists and product managers. We are driven by passion and determination to deliver truly digital services and solutions.
We believe in collaborative approach of working with you, this assures full engagements despite using different way of engaging and delivering solutions.

Our People

We believe our talent sets us apart. We are uniquely placed to help you escape the
trapping of legacy systems and develop the best next-generation digital services.